• Maroon bush plant - Scaevola Spinescens. The native Australian bush used by generations of Aboriginal People as a herbal remedy.

    The Maroon Bush Tea Herbal Remedy.

Australian Bush Medicine.

Nature's Own Herbal Remedy.

This tea-like extract of Scaevola Spinescens has traditionally been used as a treatment for cancer, intestinal trouble, urinary problems, kidney issues, general illnesses, to boost the immune system, aid in fighting the flu, colds, infections, cancer and diabetes. The greatest anecdotal claim to fame for Maroon Bush extract (tea) has been people who have used it to assist them in dealing with cancer. 

Today's Use of Maroon Bush

Today, many people use Maroon Bush Tea to improve their health, often in conjunction with mainstream medicine.

Some people use Scaevola Spinescens with other natural products which they believe can contribute to natural cancer healing. Others use it in conjunction with mainstream medicine, chemotherapy, or surgery.

There is a good number of people who have found the Maroon Bush Tea both alone, and combined with other methods, have contributed to their remission, healing, or at least extended their life.

Disclaimer: Please understand that each person's experience with Maroon bush tea is different and we cannot guarantee individual results. This is not a medical product and we make no claims that it will heal or treat any medical issue or disease. Positive results are based on traditional use and anecdotal reports and feedback and are not to be taken as medical advice or claims that bush tea will work for you.

About the Maroon Bush Plant.

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