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Maroon Bush Tea Products At a Glance

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50 Gram Tea Bags Australia Only.
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Snap Facts about Maroon Bush

The Bush: Maroon Bush is a native Australian bush. Long used by the Australian Aboriginal people for its natural healing properties. The bush grows across parts of Western Australia through South Australia and into areas of New South Wales and Queensland. The image, below right, is a typical example of a maroon bush in outback Australian scrub. Lower left is an image of berries on a maroon bush, with inset shredded bush “tea”. The plant is a small to medium size shrub. They do not grow much over a meter high, but will become much wider and filled out. The scientific name is Scaevola Spinescens, and their spines, or thorns, make the name very appropriate.

Traditional Use: These tea-like extracts of Scaevola Spinescens have traditionally been used by Australian Aboriginal people as a treatment for cancer, intestinal trouble, urinary problems, kidney issues and general illnesses. More recently there have been some interesting studies done on the plant, with some ongoing. From the late 1940’s to the late 1980’s there was great interest in the Maroon Bush within Western Australia. For over 10 years, during the latter part of this time period, the Western Australian Health Department supplied the “bush tea” to a large number of cancer patients.

Today: There is a significant number of people who have used the Maroon bush tea to improve their health, many in conjunction with mainstream medicine. Its use is in practice very similar to any other natural cancer treatment or natural herbal remedy. Some people use it with other natural products which they believe can contribute to natural cancer healing. Others use it in conjunction with mainstream medicine, chemotherapy, or surgery etc. Whatever the choice people have made, there is a good number of people who believe these natural herbal remedy methods, or the combination of methods, have contributed to their remission, healing, or at least extended their life

The Tea: Maroon Bush Tea¬† C 100 Ultra Concentrate is made from Scaevola Spinescens extract. The tea is extracted using pure rainwater, and then gently evaporated down to the required concentration. This provides a very convenient way of using Maroon Bush tea without excessive shipping costs. Each 80 ml Bottle of Ultra Concentrate contains the tea from about 6 liters of “normal” tea. The concentration rate offers convenience and helps reduce shipping costs. It also is a small volume to be easily added to juices for a better taste.

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