Maroon Bush XL Tea Bags (Australia Only)

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The Maroon Bush 

(Scaevola Spinescens or currant bush) herbal remedy bush tea. The Australian bush medicine is used for a variety of natural treatments and an immune system boost. Tea bags are the traditional way to have the Maroon Bush tea.

 *Please note: The Tea Bags CANNOT be shipped outside Australia, please purchase the Bush Tea Bottles instead.

Each pack come with 6 Extra Large 50 gram Tea bags. 

The tea bags are much larger than the standard tea bags you buy from shops. Each tea bag contains 50 Grams of shredded maroon bush. Based on the recipe, the tea bags will make about 2.5 litres of tea. View full Recipe and State Restrictions here

Traditional uses based on people’s experience: Boost immune system, aid in fighting the flu, colds, Infections, natural cancer treatment and diabetes, intestinal trouble, urinary problems, kidney issues and general illnesses.

Disclaimer: Please understand that each person's experience with Maroon bush tea is different and we cannot guarantee individual results. This is not a medical product and we make no claims that it will heal or treat any medical issue or disease. Positive results are based on traditional use and anecdotal reports and feedback and are not to be taken as medical advice or claims that bush tea will work for you.