This section is included to represent some history of how Maroon Bush has benefited people. Over the last few years we have had many users of the bush tea describe quite dramatic results from using it.

These are a few stories that are personal experiences and cannot be taken as an endorsement of a practice or suggestion of a cure for you. 


Eddie, 2012

"To Whom it may Concern,

This is some information on how Maroon Bush Medicine has helped me with medical problems I had with my legs.
I had some problems with my legs, I will list the problems later, so I naturally went to a Doctor to rectify the problems.
After numerous tests and treatments, for about 6 months, my legs were still the same and I was told by the Doctor to lie back in bed and elevate my legs to cure the problem but my legs remained the same.

The problems I had with my legs were:-

  1. My legs and feet were swollen
  2. My legs had a slight “itchy” feeling and a dull pain
  3. My legs were faintly “weeping” (ie) were always slightly damp
  4. My legs would get more painful after being on my feet for just under an hour.
  5. My ankles had ulcers
  6. Two of my toe nails went black and one of them came off my toe completely.

My cousin told me about the benefits of Maroon Bush Medicine and how it helped other friends of his.

I tried Maroon Bush Medicine and saw an improvement in my legs after the very first glass (ie) 2 hours later I didn’t have that itchy feeling or that dull pain and my legs weren’t “weeping” were completely dry.

I had 3 normal size glasses a day for a month and saw an improvement every day till finally;-

  1. My legs and feet returned to their normal size
  2. My legs lost that “itchy” feeling
  3. My legs stopped “weeping”
  4. My legs were no longer painful
  5. The ulcers on my ankles cleared up
  6. The colour of my toe nail returned to normal with the other one growing back.

As I said this took about a month to clear up so I reduced my intake to 2 glasses a day for another month and since then I have had 1 glass a day.

This all happened 6 years ago in 2006 and I haven’t had any problems with my legs since.

To this day I have a glass of Maroon Bush Juice every morning before breakfast.


Anonymous, 2006

North Rockhampton QLD

Dear Mrs ___, I am an 83 year old retiree....After losing a kidney 15 years ago due to cancer I have been in remission until the beginning of 2004. At this time I was diagnosed with lung cancer and was given 4 months to live. Because I have only one kidney I declined chemical treatments. Due to my heart complication and pacemaker I declined radiation treatments and adopted Estelle Leyland's scaevola spinescens herbal tea method. For your information I have been harvesting woody parts with leaves and flowers with wood no thicker than a pencil. I keep this material fresh by freezing it. To make the herbal tea I use 100gms of the cut up material to one litre of water made into a strong tea. 


A Letter from a Mother, 2006

Dear ___, Our 7 year old son was diagnosed with Non Hodgekins Lymphoma in 1996. He had a primary tumour in the Thymus gland and dozens of other tumours all through his body. Prognosis without treatment - 6 months. Our immediate reaction was what alternative care was on offer to combat the shocking side effects of chemotherapy. We used everything that was suggested but over a 15 month period found what seemed to have the most impact. Mucuous membrane ulcers are a shocking side effect of certain chemos. To see a child so ulcerated from the inside of their nose right down into their throat that they cant bear to drink, eat or talk is a heart wrenching experience. It didn't take long to realise that once we started our on on Jungle Juice, the horror of mouth ulcers was gone. He never suffered them again. Fortunately he had a nasogastric tube so was alleviated the nasty taste, but I recommend it to anyone facing the trauma of chemo. 9 years on and we have a happy healthy teenager working as an apprentice chef. Mrs R 


Anonymous, 2006

"I take the tea derived from the Maroon Bush.

About two days after i started taking it a skin cancer on my cheek started to change and has now up and left.

I know of someone who takes it and no longer has cervical cancer, another who takes it and no longer has bowel cancer and another who takes it and their cancer is being suitably controlled and reduced with no other treatments. Whether it is the tea that is producing these effects is not for me to say. I take the tea because i believe it is. I believe it will rid me of cancer.

I would recommend it to everyone.

The doctors wanted to give me radiation that would increase the risk of other types of cancer. I declined that treatment. This tea gives me some satisfaction that i will continue to remain healthy and cancer free with no risks. I consider it part of an overall plan to promote health that includes diet, exercise, vitamins and rest. All these things combined are i'm sure a cure.

Anyone who looks for a magic pill is fooling themselves, whether that pill be herbal or pharmaceutical.

The doctors i mentioned the tea to, suggested that the mechanism of the tea working was of stimulating the immune system, however there are reports of the tea killing human cytomegalovirus of it's own right, so perhaps it's a combined effect."


It is often hard to determine whether Maroon Bush was the direct cause or cure in some examples. The feedback we have received over the years has been very positive and the Maroon Bush Tea has seemingly helped a lot of people with a range of different problems.

If you have used the tea and have had results, good and bad, that you think are relevant, please contact us and let us know!