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Maroon Bush Tea may help stop your Sea, Car and Air Motion Sickness to leave you feeling great. It is not effective for everyone.Sea 20 out fishing_opt copy

Maroon bush tea is a natural product and has shown some excellent results in reducing motion sickness. It is completely free of side effects. Instead, it actually improves the immune system and enhances well being.

Maroon bush tea is the tea-like extract of Scaevola Spinescens, a native shrub in Australia. It has traditionally been used by Australian Aboriginal people for its health and healing benefits. It is currently growing in popularity as an aid in treating cancer and some other illnesses.

It is excellent in boosting the immune system, and helping fight off colds and flu. It also boosts the sense of overall well being. You can read more about the Maroon Bush Tea on the Home Page. or

If you want to boost your immune system and see if the tea can help with sea sickness, you can purchase C100 on our Buy C100  page.

The dosages on the regular label are a stronger dose rate, so please use the Dosages Below for Motion Sickness.

The minimum order size is 2 X 50 ml bottles.

See below for recommended use.

NOTE: Before you take or give any recommended dose please take or give a smaller dose to check for any negative reactions. We have never known a negative side effect from Bush Tea, but it is better to be sure.

You may be able to use much less than the dosages below. These are the maximums you should require. Taking the dose in some fruit juice will make it more palatable. However, to enhance absorption you can take your dose undiluted. Hold it in your mouth to allow oral absorption. Let it sit between the gums and cheek, and under the tongue as long as possible before swallowing.

* Child 3 – 5 yrs: 0.5 ml 1 hour before travel. 0.3 ml each 2 hours if required

* Child 6 – 10 yrs: 1 ml 1 hour before travel.  0.5 ml each 2 hours if required

* Child 11 – 15 yrs: 1.5 ml 1 hour before travel 0.8 ml each 2 hours if required

* 16 yrs and over: 2 ml 1 hour before travel. 1  ml each 2 hours if required

Once motion sickness has begun it reduces the ability of the stomach to absorb medication. This is why the majority of motion sickness medications need to be taken prior to departure or the onset of motion sickness. If you have failed to take Sea 20 before the onset of motion sickness, you will enhance its effectiveness, and may recover your well being if you can take your dose undiluted and allow oral absorption as described above. For more information on motion sickness please see our Motion Sickness FAQs page.

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